Thursday, June 28, 2007


Smokey Bones is one of our favorite places to go for dinner on date night. Why, you ask? Well, there are three fantastic reasons.
1. Pulled pork that makes my mouth water thinking about it.
2. We get gift cards from our Discover CashBack bonus that let us eat there for free.
3. Pulled pork that makes my mouth water thinking about it.

The last time Mark and I were there (which was FAR too long ago, by the way), there was a family a few tables over. Mom, dad, young son (maybe 4 years old). I saw the little boy surreptitiously spit into his palm, then offer his hand to his dad as he said, "Friends?"
Now, as a good dad, he is of course suspicious of this offer to shake his young son's hand. Plus, I don't think son was quite as sneaky about the spitting as he intended to be. Dad graciously declined. But it made me laugh (in my head - I try not to laugh out loud at strangers in public places, especially when they don't know I'm watching them). The innocence (and not-so-innocence) of youth - learning some new joke or trick that is incredibly funny, and longing to try it out on your "unsuspecting" parents.
At what point (if ever) do we realize that our parents aren't actually clueless and unsuspecting? At what point will I become that parent to my kid?

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Mark and Courtney said...

I like Smokey Bones too--we used to go there in Springfield with my family but it closed down. It is funny when you get some perspective and you are at the point between being a parent and a kid. I don't know when the transition happens either, but I'm looking forward to the parent-side of things...I think it has the potential for a lot of fun!! :) :)