Monday, June 11, 2007

summer lovin'

Or, more accurately... lovin' summer. Here's why:
Sunny days
Windows flung wide open
The sun is up before I am
Long walks through downtown Mason
Dinner on the grill
Relaxed schedules
Cute skirts
Bare Feet
Painted toenails
Thunderstorms (once in awhile)
Ice cream
Fresh cut grass
Visiting the lake

What do you like about summer?

2 thoughts:

Julie said...

I so badly want to be a cute skirt wearing kind of girl. Too chubby right now :) But, I'm working on it and hopefully next summer will be the year of cuteness for me!

Honestly, I don't care for summer. Mainly the weather. I don't like it hot. I get depressed, lazy, and bored. But, your list reminds me of the good things our there!

Mark and Courtney said...

Summer hours at work. We work 4 9-hour days and then a 4-hour day on Friday, so every Friday afternoon is off! :)