Friday, June 08, 2007


I allowed myself to be talked into buying a new skirt last night. I saw it, loved it, and was all set to resist it and endure the heartache of NOT walking away with the adorable, colorful, flowery wrap skirt... until the two other gals who were with me started in.
D: You should get it, it's so cute.
A: Yeah, I have one like it. I love it.
D: I have one too, because A talked me into it.
Both: Do it.
And since I wanted it anyway, I caved. I probably shouldn't have. But I'm a wimp, and it's lovely and I'll wear it a lot (and since it's a wrap, it will pretty much always fit me, which is a great quality to have in clothes).
No more spending for me. Done.
Until the next cute wrap skirt walks into my life and sweeps me away...

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Dana said...

who is this curious D character? she sounds wise, marvelous, and really fun. is that true?