Monday, July 23, 2007

absences: past and future

Mark and I had the pleasure of watching our good friend Brooks commit his life to his now-wife Abbey, this weekend. We traveled to Columbus, OH for rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, wedding, reception, and brunch with the newlyweds. It was a big weekend - full of funny people, laughter, and emotions. It's awfully cool to watch two people promise to love each other - to know that they will not always succeed at keeping each and every promise... but that if they are both sincere, humble, and graceful - God will honor their commitment.
We drove from Columbus to Plymouth (Mark's brother's new home) and visited with his family there. I got to meet our new nephew, Brody (only 8 days old!) and be shocked at how big our other 2 nephews have gotten. They really do grow SO fast!
Mark and I were able to *finally* read a few chapters of the new Harry Potter book last night - but tomorrow we leave for camp with our middle school friends, and won't be able to finish the book until we get back. I'm okay with waiting - I'm just terrified that someone will give something away in the meantime. No spoilers, people!
We'll spend Tuesday through Saturday at camp (great fun!) and head straight to a wedding when we get back Saturday night (we'll be pretty late, but at least we can show up and give a little support and love!)
I think I might sleep all day Sunday.
Or read Harry Potter to Mark.

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Mark and Courtney said...

Did you finish HP? I haven't read it and I won't so I had a friend tell me the ending. :)