Tuesday, July 17, 2007

end of an era?

Tonight is the last night our friend Brooks will be living at our house. He moved in with us last July and spent the year student-teaching at a nearby high school (chemistry - yikes!). He's getting married this Saturday, heading off on his honeymoon, then moving to Atlanta, Georgia to become a big-time high school teacher and (football?baseball?both?) coach. It's going to be a pretty big, life-changing couple of weeks for our good friend.
Tonight, in honor of our last night together as a trio - we'll watch hours and hours of TV. Sometime during the fall, we got started watching Scrubs on DVD - and wound up buying the first 4 seasons (all that was out at the time). We always watch them together. It's the rule.
Last week, Brooks brought home the newly-released 5th season, and we absolutely MUST finish the season tonight.

So we'll probably share a meal, and spend the evening in good company, laughing at a pretty darn funny show. I think it will be a good "last night" for us.
But we're going to miss him.

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