Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"boy, you're popping right out!"

People are just plain funny around pregnant women.
I don't mind, because I really actually adore being pregnant (yes, even though being sick for a few weeks wasn't much fun, it was totally survive-able, and I know will be worth it).
But people say things like:
"I thought you might be pregnant, but I didn't want to say anything, just in case you'd been eating too much lately."
"Wow, I didn't show AT ALL until I was at least four months!!"
They stare at my stomach as I approach.
Maybe someday I'll do a sociological study and write some sort of hilariously clever and witty book about this whole phenomenon. In the meantime - I'll just pretend that I have a widely read blog.
I just started my 16th week... I feel great - energy is up (well, it usually is - as long as my work day doesn't suck it all out before 5:00pm!), and I really like the belly popping out. Right now, I'm most anxious to start feeling Baby B moving around.
We have another doctor's appointment on Tuesday - I think Mark will be able to join me for this one. It should be quick - but I'm excited to hear the heartbeat again. I *love* that sound.

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