Wednesday, August 15, 2007

just what you never knew you wanted to know

And because I know you've all been waiting for just this very thing... here are five completely random questions my sister asked me via email. And my very random answers.

1) It's the zombie apocalypse. What's the first safety measure you take?
Well, I think most zombies eat flesh and/or brains. So I'd probably smear something really smelly and bad-tasting on myself and my loved ones. Then I'd lock the door (because that always keeps the bad guys out).
2) What are the odds you'll name Blasty (Blasty is a nickname for the baby) after me?
That all depends on what you consider "naming after you." I mean, I could call the baby "Silly" or "Goober" or "Shmugg" or "Pooeypooeybuttfacehead" (I'd be Mother of The Year if I did that, I surely would) sometimes, and that would sort of be like naming it after you. Odds are fairly slim that the baby would have your ACTUAL name. Especially if it turns out to be a boy.
3) Would you rather be bald for the rest of your life or have a permanent, thick layer of hair on your chest?
Yeah, um bald. That's not even a contest. Although I'd need a lot more SPF45 sunblock to cover my noggin in the summertime. And I do think there is a funny flat-ish spot on the top-back part of my head. It would be weird to see that out in the open.
4) If I move into your basement, can I paint it fun colors down there?
But of course! As long as it's not wallpapered - you can paint it to your heart's desire.
5) What's your favorite place in the whole world?
Well, I really loved Prague and Paris and Montpelier and Ireland and London and North Carolina and California and some parts of Florida and Chicago always feels like home and I like oceans and mountains and big fields and rolling hills and I really love our little house in Michigan. I don't really like deserts. But probably my most favorite place is wherever I can be with people I love who love me back.
Or my bed - because featherbed + flannel sheets = sooo good.

3 thoughts:

Eliezer said...

'Eliezer' is still out there as a name, you know...just saying. ;) Or, you could follow the example of that New Zealand couple and name the baby '4real.' (Can you believe that?)

As for the zombies, I always rather thought they were like sharks--bite first, ask questions later. You're likely to lose a finger before they realize you aren't tasty.

Kim said...

Katie, Katie, You Won!! You won my poll contest :) Thanks for the terrific idea to bring my chocolate fountain into bed with me :)

email me at with your address and Ill send you your super-sonic Starbucks gift card.


Ashleigh said...

Lol... well, I have to agree on that baldness factor. I mean, we can wear wigs, but a permanent layer of hair would mean it can't be waxed off, and I'm not up to that. ;)