Tuesday, October 02, 2007

brain drain

I knew it was supposed to happen.
I was under no illusion that I could avoid it.
But it's still disconcerting.
I have officially slid into the world of "I'm pregnant, therefore, I'm losing my mind."
Not in a totally obvious way. I haven't forgotten anything major, I still know my name, and I don't get lost driving home. Nope, my brain is more subtle. I'll be in the middle of a fabulously profound and insightful sentence... and then there's just darkness. No words, no idea where I was headed. Or I'll flip words around, switch the beginning sounds of things (I haven't said anything mortifying or inappropriate yet *knocks on wood*).
My brain has always been fairly reliable. Like a Honda. I'm a bit bewildered by this change - I feel like pregnancy is one of those clauses that renders your Money-Back Guarantee null and void. Teeny, tiny print at the bottom of the page.
I just hope it comes back. Some day.

2 thoughts:

Ashleigh said...

It should... but I can't guarantee anything... ;)

Julie said...

Sorry to burst your bubble... it doesn't seem to get any better. Same goes for your bladder.

My theory is that's how your children become so smart. Michael is the smartest kid in his class because he sucked out all of my brain. That left little for Maggie, that's why she's our 'dumb blond'.

Does that make any sense?