Thursday, October 04, 2007

crafty gals

No, this is not my craft area. Mine looks more like a heaping pile of fabric, scrapbook paper, scissors, patterns, yarn, needles and other notions.
My parents are coming to visit this weekend - my mom and I will bake and sew and probably shop a little, and my dad will golf and make us laugh. It should be good.
I'm planning (meaning I have the fabric and the patterns for this) to make a diaper bag for me, a diaper backpack for Mark (he even picked out his own fabric!!) and the crib skirt, valence, and crib bumper for the baby's room. We'll have 2 sewing machines set up on card tables in our living room. Hopefully we get a lot done!
I've been trying to work up my energy to tackle the "baby's room" - there are still a few things that need to be moved out of there, and a bunch of stuff that I have to decide what I want to do with. We have a dresser that will be doubling as a changing table - and I'm thinking of painting it with chalkboard paint and putting fun knobs on it. That way I can have fun drawing on it over and over again, until our little one is big enough to enjoy it him/herself.
I also want to paint grass along the baseboards (our "theme" is bugs - I found adorable fabric with bright, primary colors) to make the room feel a little more "decorated." We're not going to go all out on anything - I want to be able to reuse things for future children, and not feel tied to any particular style. So it boils down to putting simple, easy touches into the room to make it feel cozy.
All this thinking about it makes me want to leave the office and get started! I know I'd get so restless waiting around for February- but it would be fun to start my stay-at-home mom career a little early! :)

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