Thursday, October 18, 2007

hide and seek?

Oh, Bloggie friends - I know you've been so worried about my extended absence. Breathe easy - I'm back. I'll pretend it was a game of hide and seek... although I wasn't really hiding, and no one was seeking...
Actually, I was back on Sunday - I just had NOTHING. interesting. to say. on the blog... and didn't feel like regaling you with the boring tales of my mundane musings. (I might not have great stories to tell, but boy - can I use some alliteration!)
Any way - our trip to Atlanta was FUN FUN FUN - it's a long time in the car, but we had great company and lots of laughing. Pictures are forthcoming - unfortunately, my camera battery died almost instantaneously, so I am at the mercy of Dana & Emily to supply me with fantastic photographic memorabilia from the weekend. It all-around just plain lovely.
Since then...
Monday - I worked. From 7:00am (my normal start time) until 7:15pm (NOT my normal end time).
Tuesday - I worked. Then Mark and I went to a dinner meeting to help plan/organize our fall fundraiser for YoungLife. I ate four pieces of pizza. It was good.
Wednesday - I worked, but only until 11:00am when I found my husband in my office. His keys had been in my car that morning when I left at 6:30am - so he hitched a ride onto campus with our neighbor (who works VERY nearby) and needed me to take him home. So I left an hour early (Wednesday I usually work until 12:00) to take Hubs home. He left immediately, since he had been unable to work that morning. I ate lunch, took a short nap, and then set about conquering the monumental task of Getting Baby's Room Ready. Conquering is the wrong word. Perhaps I should say that I Put a Teeny Dent in the Paint Job of the monumental task of Getting Baby's Room Ready. But there's only so much furniture moving and bookcase rearranging a gal in her 6th month of pregnancy can do at a time. THEN, I headed back to work for a meeting. I just *love* evening commitments. And sarcasm.
But now it's Thursday - and I have big plans to hit the gym after work, and then somehow go to the grocery store, get laundry done, eat dinner, make the Teeny Dent into a Decent Sized Crater, and rest. Hmmm. It's possible I may have to change my expectations for the evening.

2 thoughts:

Ashleigh said...

Just reading this makes me tired, girl! I think you have some serious napping to do after all that... but just let me know if you don't get around to it--I'll do it for you. ;)

Kaycee said...

Wow - you have been busy! Take some time off to relax this weekend if you can. :) And don't forget to post pictures of the progress or when you are done painting the cute nursery!