Friday, October 19, 2007

none of the above

Or below, I guess.
By the time the workday ended yesterday, I was wiped. Barely awake, and nursing the headache that often plagues me on days when the weather does funny things (and we had quite the strange batch of storms roll through MI yesterday, to be sure).
So I went straight home (sorry, gym) and laid on the couch for an hour. It was the kind of nap where you're not really asleep, but get to lay very still with your eyes shut and it's glorious.
Got up, declared myself hungry - so Mark and I went about making ourselves a delicious dinner of blue-box macaroni and cheese, crescent rolls, and leftover pizza. Oh, the gourmet of it all.
Then it was back to the couch with a magazine, and eventually watched a movie with my hubby. All this before 9:00pm.
I am nothing if not efficient.
I DID fold some clothes, and this morning I loaded up the dishwasher (so I'm not a total slacker) - but there was no workout, no grocery shopping, and no Baby Room Progress.
That's what this weekend is for - Mark will be out of town, and I'm planning on cracking down a bit on The Kid's room - the next big step is to paint the old scratchy dresser to make it look lovely.
Maybe I'll workout too. Or at least drink another full glass or two of V8 Fusion (a full serving of veggies AND a full serving of fruit - which is healthy enough to be equivalent to a workout, right??)
At any rate - I am happy to have Friday and the weekend to look forward to - and am grateful God gave me the good sense to rest last night.
The Kid and I needed that.

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Ashleigh said...

Good for you--rest is a good thing. :) And that dinner sounds scrumptious right about now... I'm such a sucker for mac and cheese.