Thursday, November 08, 2007

a good day for friends

Well - if you want to be picky, it's always a Good Day for Friends. But yesterday, I personally did very well.
I got to have lunch with my friend Dana. I would link to her blog here, but she hasn't posted in almost a year. I totally forgive her, but what a slacker! Instead, I've included a picture from our trip to Atlanta. She is behaving herself, whereas I cannot. I think I was making up for the fact that all weekend, I had to pose in pictures with lovely, young, NOT-pregnant women... so I just made funny faces.
Anyway - Dana and I ate at Lucky's Pub in Fowlerville. For all of you who've never heard of Fowlerville - well, there's a reason for that. BUT - my burgers (yes, there were two "small" burgers) were great and we both agreed that they serve excellent french fries. If you're ever driving the stretch between Lansing and Detroit and just need some small-town atmosphere with a side of fries - Lucky's is the place to be.
And last night I joined a group of gals from our church - there's a group of men that get together to play poker every Wednesday night, and the gals gather to watch America's Next Top Model. I can't say I'm overly concerned with the show - but the company is fantastic. Plus, 4 of the 5 women there last night are pregnant. I think I'll try to make attendance a weekly thing (I always have good intentions, but sometimes my couch overrules my ability to get in my car and drive 6 miles).
AND - I have fun FUN lunch dates both today and tomorrow - with wonderful women I love.
Bless God for good friends. (And food!)

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Dan Price said...

Hey let Mark know that if he ever wants to come over and play some poker and hang out with the guys, he's welcome to!