Monday, November 19, 2007

raining, pouring

My first of four baby showers was held this weekend at Carrabba's (a YUMMY Italian restaurant). Before you judge, here's the breakdown of FOUR showers:
1. This weekend - thrown by my mom, sister & sister-in-law for my Lansing-area friends
2. Early December - thrown by Kelsey & Dana for the YoungLife college-age leaders in our community
3. Mid-December - at work, a co-shower for Shannon (due late January) and I
4. January sometime - thrown by Mark's family, for Mark's family
Since our families and friends are so spread out, it's hard to just have *one* shower for everyone. And we know a lot of people. It would have been a BIG shower - and a huge headache and burden for the planners. This way - we have showers broken into small, bite-size pieces.
ANYWAY - it was GREAT - I got to see some people I don't see often enough, and some people that I see regularly - all of whom I love dearly. I was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of everyone, and need to shout out a huge thanks to Mom, Meg and Melissa - who traveled far and did a LOT to make this weekend fun.
I'll post pictures as soon as I get some from my family (my camera did not come along for the trip).
Also - I am a mechanical genius. I put our crib together this weekend. By myself. Without directions. (I asked Mark 1 question).
And it's still standing.
The nursery is starting to take shape!

2 thoughts:

Wendy said...

I had four showers also because our families were all spread apart. And it did make it nice to be able to enjoy it a little bit at a time.

Julie said...

Huh, when you mentioned you had four showers I thought that was a lot. Then I counted... I had four showers also. The church gave me one, my sister threw one for me and my old friends, family one, and work one. I'd say it's the norm.

By the way... I had a fabulous time :)