Monday, November 26, 2007

a turkey, a parade, bowling & movies

Had a GREAT weekend. We traveled to Chi-town on Wednesday (and miraculously avoided traffic until the last 5-8 miles of our trip -praise God!) I baked a cranberry-apple pie Wednesday night, and on Thursday, all manner of culinary goodness broke free in my parents' house. Turkey, stuffing (with apples, raisins and sausage - SO GOOD), green beans, mashed potatoes & gravy (gravy made by Yours Truly - bow before my INcredible chef-ing skills), cranberry conserve... followed by desserts. Then our Thanksgiving 2nd Meal Ritual - turkey nachos. Let me tell you - this is a fabulous way to use up some of the leftover turkey, have a lighter meal (because no matter how much you eat, you'll still be hungry later in the evening), and get some peppery, cheesey, salsa-y goodness.
Back to MI on Friday, just in time to catch Mason's Tree Lighting and Christmas Parade Extravaganza. Cold, to be sure - but so much fun to walk around our little downtown and run into a couple dozen people you know. Hot cocoa, christmas lights, and dinner in the town's little diner. Doesn't get much better. We wrapped up the evening with a movie - watched from our comfy sprawl on the living room floor.
Saturday brought some productivity, followed with bowling, a visit from our Dear Friend Dave, and some delicious pizza.
Yesterday - church was awesome, we watched another movie (I'll confess that somehow, Mark and I hadn't seen High School Musical - the first one - until then. Our lives are now completely changed), bought some stuff for the basement at Lowe's...
All that delightful time off just makes me want to stay at home forever. Enjoying people, relaxed schedules, taking things as they come, and finding joy and peace in quiet, regular moments.

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