Saturday, December 22, 2007

home for the holidays

Thursday was my last day of work for 2007 - hooray! It's strange to know that I only have the month of January at my job, and then I'll be at home full-time. I'm really excited, but it still seems awfully surreal.
Mark had (very minor) out-patient back surgery yesterday - he is up and about today, but we spent yesterday morning at the hospital - and then I ran errands and kept Mark company as he watched 3 movies (I'm a very willing-to-sacrifice-wife, what can I say??) It was a good day, but not SO much for being productive.
As a person who loves to plan ahead and be organized, it only makes sense that I am still trying to finish Christmas shopping (not as bad as it sounds - it's for family members I won't see until next weekend - I have 7 whole days!!). I have to clean up the house for visitors who will be coming next week, make my sister's Christmas present, and really start cracking down on the baby's room. I made some progress last night - lining the dresser drawers with Contact paper and putting some of the clothes & blankets "away." The crib is still overflowing with things that don't have a home yet, but I'm getting there.
My husband and I are watching the neighbor's boys for them as they're out of town for their anniversary (the boys are 13, 10 and 7) - and Luke (the youngest) spent some time getting to feel Baby B move and stretch this afternoon. It was really fun to watch his face as his little hands rested on my tummy - he got to feel quite a bit of wiggle-ment today!
I hope that the next few days are full of peace, laughter, and good times with family - it's so easy to be overwhelmed by our tasks - I pray that we are all able to sit and remember the true joy that comes with this season.

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