Friday, December 28, 2007

only when we drive

The last time we went to Chicagoland to visit my family, it poured snow (does snow "pour"??) on us the whole way home. Today, my fabulous, reliable friend, says it shall pour snow on us the whole way there. Apparently - we're only allowed to have a White Christmas-season - as Christmas itself was gray, and the next day it was 45 and rainy. Interesting.
But it's time for Christmas with my side of the family - so we will saddle up the horses and brave the journey across Northwest Indiana. Lookout, Lake Effect Snow. We're not afraid. (and I can only say that because my husband will be driving. Otherwise, I'd be shaking in my boots).
Christmas was lovely - we had dinner Christmas Eve with Mark's family at his mom's house (for her birthday), went to his dad's house to spend the night and observe how much food that man can make for 10 people who've already eaten dinner.... and then Christmas morning was spent at Mark's sister's home. It was relaxing and fun - except for the nasty little stomach bug that was waiting for me as soon as I opened my eyes on Christmas morning... but that bug has left the building, and I'm feeling pretty much totally normal now. Bless God for short-lived viruses.
All-in-all, Mark & I have been LOVING this vacation - we've slept in, visited with friends and family, watched movies, and just enjoyed not having to be at work. And the fact that more friends, family, and a few more days are still to come - that's just icing on the cake, baby.
So enjoy the rest of your holiday - we're off to brave the Great White expanse that exists between here and Chicago's suburbs.

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