Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a crib made of sticks and spit

Yes, I am nesting. No, I will not build the crib (or any of the furniture for my child's room) out of sticks and spit. Although it does sound kind of fun to try...
Mama Bird instincts have kicked in (although the crazy task-master tendencies are balanced out by the physical limitations of my body - thank goodness!). I want the nursery ready to go - to walk in there, sit down, and imagine the room belonging to someone - as opposed to imagining what it will look like when I finally clean the silly room up.
Since the showers are all over now, I can go shopping for Baby B and get all the little things crossed off my list. Baby B is "due" in less than a month - and I've always worked better under a bit of pressure.
Mark and I saw an excellent movie this weekend - Juno. It's a little irreverent, and not *exactly* wholesome - but it's honest and heartfelt and has some terrific moments of what it looks like to love & serve other people. I cried twice (which may or may not be directly related to the raging ninth-month of pregnancy hormones...)
In other important news - I ate four cookies yesterday. Because three just wasn't enough.
Yum. I *may* eat four again tonight.

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Cam and I saw Juno too! We both really liked it. :) Don't blame you on the crying thing though... those darn pregnancy hormones strike again!

Sarah Halter said...

Katie, thanks for letting us all in as you go through this journey. It's been fun and very informative to watch. We'll be praying for you in this last month: for good time together as a family of two, for peace and strength, that you will feel ready and then that the delivery will go well and be very rewarding.