Friday, January 11, 2008

yahoo yippee hooray

That's the sound my brain made this morning when I realized it was FRIDAY. For real. Because my brain has been trying to convince that it was Friday since Wednesday... and it wasn't ever actually TRUE until this morning. Yahoo Yippee Hooray!! A weekend is just what the doctor ordered...
Tomorrow marks the official "Due Date is One Month Away" point. Things are starting to feel much closer, a little more real, and, well... bigger. Bigger both literally (this child feels enormous to me right now) and figuratively (realizing more and more each day that I have yet to realize how much different - in both good AND tough ways - my life is about to become).
Today, though - I'm trying to enjoy the moments as they come. Itchy belly, puffy fingers & ankles, a not-so-slight waddle-walk... but also the indescribable feeling of God's child moving around inside me, the daydreams of caressing little hands & feet in just a matter of weeks, and the overwhelming feeling of being blessed by this responsibility.
I'm gonna soak in those thoughts this weekend.

2 thoughts:

Mary C said...

Sounds like you are enjoying this time! The time right before the birth of our first child was so special. Go out for a fancy date one more time before your due date!

MyBestInvest said...

That Mary C really knows her stuff. The anticipation during that last month was more than I could stand. I hand never wanted to meet someone so badly in my life.

Soak it up!