Tuesday, January 08, 2008

rain, rain

Yesterday we hit over sixty degrees. Last night - had severe thunderstorm warnings issued all over the place. Today - we're looking at almost sixty again, and flood warnings.
This is interesting weather for a Michigan January.
I'm not complaining - I like warm weather, I like thunderstorms (don't like flooding - but we're not in an area that's too susceptible to it). It's just a little weird.
Never fear - by the end of the week, we'll be back to more traditional temperatures.
It's the first week of classes at MSU - and things are appropriately crazy around here. Lots of students needing lots of help - scheduling, financial aid, graduation checks, etc. Yesterday was VERY busy, but I do so appreciate the time moving by quickly.
Andrea started work last week (this is the gal who will be taking my job at the end of January when I'm officially done working) - and it's GREAT to have her on board. She's been around MSU a long time and has so much energy and passion for working with students. I get to spend a couple hours every day answering her questions, orienting her to the position, and just getting to know her better. I love it. One-on-one interaction is one of my absolute favorite things. It makes it so much easier to leave a job I really enjoy when I know that it will be in SUCH good hands.
So, between busy days at work, and busy evenings at home (no, the nursery is NOT all set up yet... eek!), I imagine the next 5 weeks will fly right by. Ready or not, Little B is on his/her way! :)

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Kaycee said...

I can't believe you are due in 5 weeks!! That is SO exciting! I know what you mean about your replacement, I am currently trying to find a good long-term sub for my kids. I will feel better if I find someone great I know will take care of my students!