Friday, January 04, 2008


I like new things. And I don't just mean "things" - although I'll be honest - I've always liked new clothes, new toys, new jewelry. (Luckily, I also like sales!)
But I like new recipes, new friends, visiting new places, new calendars, new years... there's something pretty cool about a clean slate & a fresh experience. Right now, it feels like my life is chock-full of new-ness.
First (and most obvious) - it's a new year. I'm still working on my personal goals (I don't like the word "resolutions" - not sure why...)
Second (and also very obvious) - we are rapidly approaching Little B's due date. Less than six weeks "to go" at this point.
Third - I have 18 more work days left at my job. This still feels very surreal. I'm so EXCITED about being able to stay home with our baby, but am also still feeling a little torn about leaving a place full of people I really enjoy and I job that I love.
These are the big new things - I'm sure there are lots of littler things are simply paling in comparison right now.
Anybody else got anything "new" coming up?

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Julie said...

My mom just mentioned to me yesterday how close your due date is. I'm so thrilled!

I'm so excited that you're staying home. I hope you get to enjoy some time 'off' between your job and when the baby comes.