Sunday, February 10, 2008

master of the obvious

This is a post simply to say that there is, as yet, nothing to say.
Mark ran into Funny Dr. Man at our gym last night, and said "If you're here, and I'm here, then my wife is in trouble if she goes into labor right now!" (kidding, obviously - it's not like our gym in Kentucky or on the moon or anything).
Funny Dr. Man expressed his surprise last night that I hadn't gone into labor on FRIDAY night - he was sure I would - and as I understand, grateful that I didn't, as he needed some sleep.
Well, he just got another night uninterrupted (at least by me). Our Little One has been causing more and more contractions - just nothing regular or intense yet. S/he definitely has a sense of timing - and it must not be "just right" yet.
And so, we wait.
Thanks for all the well wishes and encouragement - we're currently busy thinking Laborful Thoughts - it's a sunny, COLD Sunday. Seems like a good day to have a baby... :)

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Kaycee said...

You do realize that you have to give those of us that follow the blog and don't see you everyday daily updates now, right?? :) Because if we don't see a post from you we are wondering how you are doing today and if Baby B is working on making an appearance yet! Maybe you are going to be one of the few who meet your little one on your due date?? :) Thinking of you and praying for you.