Friday, February 08, 2008

see you this weekend?

I went to the doctor this morning - and I like my doctor's office a lot. There are 4 docs that I've been seeing in rotation - and I really like 3 of them. They are:
(names have been changed to protect their true identities)
Cool Dr. Lady
Funny Dr. Man
Shy Dr. Man
I do not particularly care for Mean Dr. Lady (it could be her name, it'd be hard to overcome that...)

I saw Funny Dr. Man this morning - and although I was supposed to be "checked" for progress this morning, he initially said he wasn't going to, since I hadn't really had any "signs" of labor.
FDM: I don't like when people get mad because I tell them they're not dilated at all. Do you really WANT to be checked?
Me: I wouldn't mind. (meaning - you better check me, Funny Dr. Man!!)
FDM: Okay then.
(a few minutes later, ready for exam)
FDM: Baby's head is really low.... well... you're a good 4cm and 80% effaced.
Me: Are you kidding?? (thinking, this better not be Funny Dr. Man's idea of being funny...)
FDM: Nope - you're doing great, especially for a first-timer. It doesn't mean you'll have the baby TODAY, but you'll most likely be going into labor in the next few days.
Me: Well, okay then!

It's hard to believe - I was fully ready to be told that it would be at least another week or so. And I do know that it doesn't mean that labor is necessarily about to happen. But it's WAY more than I was expecting. It's hard to believe that I could be meeting this little babe any day now. For real.


4 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Exciting!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Come on Baby B!

Julie said...

Yippy! Just so you know... I'm going to my moms tonight with M & M. Jamie has a staff retreat tonight. We'll all be home Sat. evening. In case you can't get ahold of us :)

Ashleigh said...

Wowsers! I give you three days max. ;) This bebe will be here by Monday. :D

Mary C said...

That is awesome! I mean-you're already almost halfway there-just walking around 4 cm dilated! That is so exciting!

We have a "Mean Dr. Lady" at our practice, too, and I prayed she wouldn't be on call when I went into labor!