Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It sounds a little funny to say "there's a lot to be learned from a baby." I mean, it's not like they can pour out knowledge borne of their vast life experiences...
But when I watch my daughter smile so easily at such simple things - funny faces, interesting sounds, or just the face of someone she knows - I realize what a gift it is to learn from this little girl.
She is uninhibited - she is not worried that anyone will think she's a goofball for laughing at something a little stupid. She's not afraid to show her excitement at seeing someone she loves. She smiles easily.
It's a shame that as we get older, the "ease" tends to be less smiley and more cranky. We are easily frustrated. Easily discouraged. Easily hurt. I'd like to switch back and take a page out of my baby's book... to find an easy joy in the small, simple things.
I won't follow her uninhibited lead entirely though... I think routinely drooling on myself and filling my pants in public would be a turn off.
I'll stick to the easy laughter.

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Dad said...

I'm not biased or anything but is she not the cutest thing on the planet?!?!?!