Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it might be funny some day...

But right now, it still makes my stomach drop a little bit.
Ladies and gentlemen... cloth diapers saved my daughter's life last night. Or at least, saved her from potentially (probably) severe physical harm. Because her parents... they are not so smart.
Yesterday was a beautiful day - sunshiny & warmish - and a good number of our young friends had a home baseball game at the high school. Mark went alone for a little while, came home for dinner & told me that it was a double-header, and the 3 of us should go back when we were done. Hazel has quite a fan club around these parts, and I was looking forward to being out in the lovely weather. So we packed up and went to the game.
High school baseball diamonds don't have the biggest bleachers in the world, so pretty much the whole viewing area (at least the area with seats) is in the "foul" zone. You know what I mean - those nasty little tipped-foul-balls that go shooting into the stands at 7000 mph. Yeah, well... we were sitting there, with our not-quite-three-month-old baby girl, chatting with some friends whose sons play on the team... and we were talking about Hazel's cloth diapers. (Both of these women had cloth diapered their kids and were impressed to hear about the changes/options available now). As many of you know, and others may guess, cloth diapers give babies a rather fluffy, padded posterior. Kathy reached over to pat Hazel's fluffy bum when a foul ball came zipping. directly. at. my. daughter.
Luckily (for Hazel), Kathy's arm caught the ball and it only ricocheted off Hazel's dipe - but the screaming and sudden movements surrounding the incident made Hazel start wailing. And from Mark's perspective, he thought she had taken the ball square in the back (which I won't think about for too long, it makes my stomach hurt). We walked her off to the side, checked her little body all over, and determined that she was perfectly fine. A little scared, but nothing some cuddles and "snacktime" couldn't cure. Kathy, however, has a lovely baseball-sized bruise on her forearm. And we all had a hard time going to sleep last night, I'm sure.
We felt pretty stupid - but who would really think "Oh NO, high school baseball games?? WAY too dangerous for a baby!!" We'll stick to soccer and football for awhile, I think. Or at least hide behind the chainlink backstop for the. entire. game.
I've never been so glad to be using cloth diapers. And that God watches high school baseball games. And the people who attend them.

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Julie said...

O my goodness, that is so scary!
Michael got clocked pretty bad at a soccer game when he was small. I was sure his neck was broken from the ball nailing his head hard. Those games aren't very safe either.

Irritable Mother said...

"And that God watches high school baseball games." Why, yes He does!
I love how involved He is with every detail in our lives.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I do hope you'll continue to visit. *grin*

Kaycee said...

Oh my gosh, how totally scary! I am so happy that Hazel is okay!! Very scary for you guys I'm sure - so glad she wears cloth diapers!

Becoming Me said...

How scary for you! I'm glad sweet Hazel was not harmed

Mary C said...

Bless her heart! I'm so glad she's ok!

MyBestInvest said...

Maybe you could focus on the Math Bowl kids for a while until Hazel is a little older.

Tiffany said...

My heart jumped into my trout when you were telling that story. Im so happy that nothing happened to her. Its funny how children react to our reactions. I have to remember with the little girl I watch when she falls not to flip out and let her get up if shes hurt she tells me and then I help her. Its way different for you because Hazel is still so small. So happy everyone is ok though! :)