Thursday, May 15, 2008

in which I am not the least bit overly dramatic or sentimental

My baby is three months old today. That's a quarter of a year. Ninety days. Two thousand one hundred sixty hours. You get the picture... I pray that these days will wind up only being a small percentage of her life, but today... it is her whole life.
I took this picture this morning (no, it is not that warm out... she just got some new dresses from my family and I had to try them on. They're just. too. cute.) She looks so grown up, which I know is a funny thing to say about an infant. But still.
This is a girl who sings along when her daddy plays guitar and we sing praise songs. She kicks her feet like crazy on the changing table and loves to chew on her hands. She looks people in the eye when she meets them, as if she is sizing them up. She laughs at funny faces, smiles when she sees her daddy, and talks to the bug toy that hangs from her carseat. She has chubby cheeks and rolls on her legs and the most precious little drooly smile I've ever seen. She can raise one eyebrow, stick out her tongue, or give you the most intense stare/frown you've ever seen from a baby. She holds her head steady and likes to be held so she can see the world.
This is a different little girl from the one I met three months ago - and yet she is still the same. She makes me smile every single day. Oh, I love her so.
Happy day, little lady. Here's to many, many more.

4 thoughts:

Becoming Me said...

Precious post. Your girl is a cutie

Mary C said...

She's a looker! :)

I got that same dress for my girl and it is so cute!

Julie said...

um... would you mind if I ate her up? Too cute!

Tiffany said...

She is growing so fast, she is so beautiful!!