Thursday, June 26, 2008

catnap. literally.

Mark and I have no pets. We both grew up in homes with pets and while we do not dislike animals, we do not want to take care of animals. In our home. On our furniture. It may be laziness, or it may be selfishness. We prefer to think of it as thoughtfulness for the hypothetical animal that would be our pet - as we're awfully busy, travelly people with a smallish house and very regular-sized backyard. Who wants to be cooped up all day?? We decided that human children would be enough for us - and we were right. :)
Tuesday morning Hazel and I left for the grocery store for some much-needed supplies. Apparently being away for 10 days doesn't do much for your refrigerator. As I lugged my little darling down the front steps to the car, I spied a calico kitty. On our front porch. Curled up in our chair. As if she had not a care in the world (she probably doesn't) and as if she lived there (she definitely doesn't).
Like so:

Kitty raised her head, looked at me, and returned to napping. I was impressed. Not exactly skittish. The kitty was so durn cute that I didn't bother shooing it away - I figured she'd wander away on her own.
We returned from the store to find kitty still there. Still asleep. Now I'm doubly impressed. Up & down the steps, in & out the front door, and Kitty never stirs. I contemplated feeding the kitty because she's so cute, and because Mark is many states away right now and can't tell me not to.
Fast forward a few hours - my child is sleeping. I'm on the phone with my sister, and telling her the Funny Story About Finding a Kitty on My Porch, and I decide to check the front porch again. Kitty is (you got it) STILL THERE. Still asleep. All I can think is, What the hey did Kitty do all night long to need a 5-hour-plus nap on my porch?
Kitty finally woke up when my 11-year-old neighbor rang the doorbell a little later. Luckily my young friend knew the kitty instantly (her name is Chloe, and she's oh-so-friendly) and we walked her back over to her actual home. Two doors down.
As far as I'm concerned, Chloe can sleep on our front porch anytime. She may be the closest we ever come to having a pet of our own, because diapers + naptimes + laundry + dishes + pet food/pet hair/vet bills??? I just don't think I have it in me.

2 thoughts:

Bethany said...

Hey, are you related to other Burleys in Michigan? Mark and Jana are from there...they live in Mo. now!

Tiffany said...

That kitty loves your chair!! I have a had a kitty adopt me and she was a blast to have around. What a pretty kitty she is. Try not to fall in love. :)