Tuesday, July 15, 2008


6:45 am
I can feel the warm, summer-morning sun through my closed eyelids - it's pouring into my bedroom like a golden waterfall.
I feel a gentle stirring beside me on the bed, and tiny, warm little feet begin to "walk" their way up my belly.
I peel back my sleepy eyelids and pull my surroundings into focus.
Disheveled covers, no husband (he left for YoungLife camp last night), pillows everywhere and a gentle breeze is billowing the sheer white curtains in and out, in and out. Right arm tucked under my pillow, I see that nestled into the space created between my arm and my body, lies my daughter.
Sparkly blue eyes alight with baby laughter and delight are watching me, and my breath catches in my chest. As soon as our eyes meet, her face breaks into a gorgeous, toothless, drooly grin... and I grin right back.
Today, my baby is 5 months old. It is a heartbeat and it is a lifetime. I pray for many, many more months to come. And I pray that I appreciate the blessing of this little woman in my life. My husband has gone to camp with his young disciples... and I am at home with mine.

(Hazel and I will be traveling this week in the absence of our Man of the House, and probably not posting much!)

2 thoughts:

Phoenix Rising said...

isn't it wonderful to wake up next to your child? i think it's breath taking. i love hearing asher breathe all night and being the first person i see when i wake. i know i'm one of those horrible parents that sleep with their child...but i relish every moment of it!

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

This is just so sweet! I love, love that feeling of waking up to a smiling little face beside me.