Sunday, July 13, 2008

made for this

God made us in His image. This, I'm quite sure, brings with it a few very specific character traits/needs/desires. Last night, I was struck by how wired we are for community. How God made us that way.
Standing in our church's lobby, chatting with people as we passed each other by... it was so exactly what I needed. I stood with a couple other new mamas, and a couple more-experienced mamas with new babies... and I found comfort, laughter and community. There's really nothing like standing in God's house, talking with friends - it feels so full.
Some people are naturally extraverted. They don't need reminders that community is good, that being with people can be so. good. for your soul. My dear husband is one of those people. He loves being with people and seeks to fill our days and our home with community. It's a good thing.
Some people, however, are more inclined to introversion - and they need to be sent a memo every once in awhile. Now I'm pretty sure I'm 50/50 - I'm extraverted in the sense that I tend to focus on others, but introverted in that I don't go out of my way to surround myself with groups of people. My relaxing time tends to be quiet and solo.
And thus, I fall into the category of Those Who Need a Memo. Which, I would be willing to bet, is one of the reasons God matched up me and Mark as a team.
Perhaps God is dropping the hint that I need to add Seek Out Community to my list of Very Simple Lessons...

2 thoughts:

Phoenix Rising said...

i have a feeling that you and i are more alike than we think...i'm exactly the same way...extroverted some, introverted others...and my quiet time is almost always alone about i send you a memo every now and again, and you can do the same for me!

it was great talking with you last night...i's nice to talk with other mama's!

Dana said...

seek me out in your community seeking!!! me me pick me to hang out with!!