Tuesday, July 08, 2008

where to start?

I feel as though my house is closing in on me.
When we moved in 4 years ago, we were coming from a one-bedroom, graduate assistant apartment in a residence hall. It totalled maybe 550 square feet. There was NO WAY I'd ever be able to fill the rooms and closets of this gigantic, enormous, monster-sized, almost-1,300 square foot house!
Fast forward to today.
Closets = Overflowing
Bedrooms = Overflowing
Basement = Overflowing
Garage = You guessed... overflowing. With creepy, dirty garage things.
I want so badly to get organized around here. I want to donate the things we don't use but someone else could. I want to scrap/throw away/recycle the stuff that we don't use and no one else could either. I want fewer things, less clutter.... and I have NO IDEA how to start.
That's not true.
I have dozens upon dozens of ideas on how to start. I just need to figure out where. The task in my head is mammoth. I need something smaller than mammoth... something more like squirrel or pygmie goat.
Right now, my head is swimming with menu planning, closet organization, recycling systems, clothing donations and coupon organizers. I want to do it all. Immediately. (Not a good idea, I know). I've visited fabulous blogs and websites with great, practical tips. I just need to pick one and run with it for a bit.
This is what happens to my head when my baby wakes up at 4:20am and doesn't go to sleep again until 7:30. When Mama is wide awake.

3 thoughts:

Julie said...

As you said, you don't need any web site or ideas, but I just have to mention FlyLady.com. I really like her site and her ideas. Although I don't follow it all exactly I really like the 15 minute cleaning/decluttering and also the 27 Fling Boogie (I think that's what it's called).

I can usually do something for 15 minutes without being interrupted. Or if I'm interrupted the 'emergency' can usually wait until I'm done.

Anyway, hope it goes well!

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Quite the endeavor! One of the good things about moving every year has been that we're continually getting rid of stuff.. of course, we're continuously accumulating it, too. Have fun, girlie!

Mary C said...

I get that way, too. All of a sudden, I look around and am shocked and horrified by all the "stuff" around and immediately want to get rid of it and have everything organized! Maybe setting small goals of one closet at a time? Set a timer for 30 minutes and only work until it dings!