Friday, July 11, 2008

food for thought

I generally view myself as an intelligent woman. I "get" things, know some stuff, and have a decent memory.
Or so I thought.
Lately, I've been struck again and again at how often I am re-learning Very Simple Lessons. Why do they not stick the first second twelfth thirty-second time I come across them??
Because my human-ness takes over. I let it take over.
My ability to lay around and twiddle away an afternoon overpowers my desire to get my home organized...
My tendency to procrastinate when a job is less than desirable beats up on my sincere wish to get things done...
And my selfish, what-about-me? mentality has an uncanny knack for stepping all over my craving to spend time with the Lord and seek His face.
I've been taking baby steps (ever since my rant about the house closing in on me) toward conquering (or at least minimizing) some of these tendencies. I know that I can do it. I've kicked the snot out of bad habits before.
Here are Three Very Simple Lessons I want to "get." I mean really GET.
1. God's Word is the best thing for me. I know this already - I just don't always live like I know it. So I'm going to put my Bible on/near the couch (my usual nursing spot) and pick it up every chance I get while feeding Hazel.
2. Less is more. My house is full of stuff. So much excess... it's starting to make me sick. Not just because it's cluttery, but because it's so material. I don't want things to be the focus of my days - and it's much easier to achieve that when there are fewer things to manage/clean/pick up/take care of. I'm going to go through, room by room, and purge. At least a surface-level purge.
3. Structure is good (at least for me). I need concrete tasks. I love lists. Goals are great. I've started putting together a Home Management Notebook (thanks, SimpleMom!) I need some time to get it fully-functioning and organized, but I think it will help me keep track of some of those goals, lists and concrete tasks I relish so much.

And so, I'm committing to 40 days of focusing on learning these Very Simple Lessons. Starting today, July 11th, and ending on August 19th. I'll try to keep you posted on the progress as I go along - not so much that anyone out there cares that much about my inability to grasp Very Simple Lessons, but that it helps me to feel accountable.
Thanks for listening, internets.
Oh, and yes, that is my Very Grown-Up Daughter eating rice cereal for the first time. She's still a little iffy on the whole concept, but for a variety of reasons, we need to get her comfortable with eating cereal by, oh - about August 19th. More on that later.

2 thoughts:

Meredith said...

katie, if nobody else is excited to hear about how your life lessons are going, i am. and that could be due to the fact that i will be moving in and potentially (but hopefully not) adding to the clutter that you speak of. i hope we can challenge each other in our faith and in really learning those life lessons. miss you tons...see you in august!

Dana said...

i want to hear about your 40 days of learning whatever progress stuff.

vague enough?? :)

also, you're sort of a woman of mystery with your "more on that later".

probably not helpful that your current reader is more than your average bear curious, i could read mystery and suspense into an empty glass.

anyway, all is a reminder of the fact that i should be hanging out with you soon. what are you doing this week?