Wednesday, August 06, 2008

lest you get the wrong idea...

Most of the time, I try very hard to take an open & honest approach to my blogging.
That is to say - I am open & honest about the topics I meticulously select for sharing from the vast expanse of my day-to-day experiences. I decide which parts of my life to crack into, which insecurities, dreams and musings to share... and which things to leave out.
This isn't a bad thing, as some things should/must remain private - but I do feel a bit guilty sometimes that the pictures painted with virtual brushstrokes are somehow... shall we say, digitally enhanced versions of the truth.
So I'm here tonight to shatter your illusions of my home life. Mary C seems to think I have it all together, but I don't. Not anymore than anyone else does - probably a little less. (Note: These pictures were not planned ahead - and I didn't change a thing in the rooms as I trumped around the house taking photos... in fact, I had a baby on my hip and the camera in my other hand, so this is as real as it gets).
Here is the room in which I am currently sitting, typing away:

There are stacks of books, Rubbermaid bins both full and empty, and enough yarn for me to crochet myself into my nineties.
This is my daughter's room, where she is currently (Lord willing) falling asleep:

Note her daddy's guitar, the basket of dirty laundry, the pile of toys on the futon and the floor-blanket that is now a necessity for the rolling-every-which-way baby. And of course, the pink & white doggy. In the middle of the floor.
This is my room, which shockingly, is in decent shape today (although there are laundry baskets - this time full of clean laundry - and pictures leaning against the wall that remain unhung for the 5th year running):

And this is our closet (eek) - I cleaned out my portion recently, which is toward the front (and NOT on the floor), and as you can see, I still have quite enough clothing to be getting on with.

The kitchen is also in decent shape - although some dishes need to be put away, and mercifully, the wide angle of this shot does not pick up the crumbs on the floor and counters.

You may have noticed by now that my hubby and I have some issues with being actual adults, and our house looks a bit like the inside of a crayon box. It's our own little rebellion.
And we end our tour in the living room:

Again, the blanket & toys on the floor... boppy, books and TV remotes on the couch... baby carrier flung over the recliner... I feel like we're playing "Where's Waldo?" (big bonus points if anyone actually finds a Waldo in these pictures).
So there you have it. A peek into my house - and my not-so-together life as it stands on an average Wednesday night.
Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I'd say you are very normal, by my standards. I packed a suitcase for my daughter to potentially go with my in-laws for 4-5 days several weeks ago. She decided she didn't want to be away from home for that long so first she lived out of the suitcase, and now we are putting her clean laundry either in it or on top of it instead of having it just make its way up to her room. Frustrating, but apparently not enough to make me change my ways. I have also been in a cleanse and purge mood lately but with my working full-time and being a soccer mom two nights per week all summer, I haven't progressed too far in my efforts. Some day...hopefully sooner than later.
Blessings, Kristi

Tiffany said...

You have a great house lots of room! It looks like your home is a happy lived in home. Nobody's house is perfect all the time unless they have big bucks to have it that way and honestly who would want to live like that. Not me not at all not for one minute!!!! What a great job you do taking care of your home and your hubby and your daughter.