Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's like one of those rides at the fair

It's busy here. A little bit like a carnival ride that keeps spinning in circles and getting faster and faster (only - thankfully - without the I-Want-To-Vomit feeling).
About a year ago, we started the work of Finishing Our Basement. (For the record, "we" is always to be interpreted loosely when I am referring to the basement, as my involvement in "we" is usually some form of spectation. Is that even a word?) It's unfortunate that I was pregnant when the project began, and now in charge of keeping a baby alive and well as it wraps up because let me tell you - the project is sorely missing out on my handy-woman skillz. Ha.
At any rate - Mark has been diligently pouring himself into the project the past few weeks as we not-so-suddenly find ourselves against a deadline.
Our friend Meredith will be doing her year (yup, a full year) of student teaching at a nearby elementary school, and she'll be moving into our house. On Saturday. Four days from now.
I'm so excited for her to come, so excited for the basement to be done, so excited for the year up ahead... but it's been rough getting there.
Mark is struggling to complete projects he's never attempted before. We've been blessed with friends, family and neighbors who have some expertise and a lot of willingness to lend a hand. Mark is working hard, being humbled and learning a ton. I know he's not exactly having fun right now - but I think he's proud of himself. I'm proud of him. The basement looks beautiful. And what's more - he's not complaining. He vents frustration once in awhile - but he is working hard every night... and he's not complaining.
I've been struck lately by how often we find ourselves in these situations - a goal or a deadline of some sort presents itself... we want to get there but feel so unprepared and unqualified... the process of learning, accepting help, trying, screwing up and dusting ourselves off mostly just stinks... but in the end - there are good things waiting.
I know my process is far from complete. I have so much to learn, so much set before me. But I also see good things. Sprinkled everywhere throughout my life. I'd hate to miss a single one because I was so busy whining about how hard the road was to get here.

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Meredith said...

Oh Katie...I am so excited to move in to the beautiful new basement. I can't believe it's so soon! By the way, I think I'll be bringing some stuff up on Friday...hope that's okay! Love you and can't wait to see you !