Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my basement is humming. loudly.

It's humming because there are six or so industrial, full-strength fans and one dehumidifier (big enough for me to sit inside of it, I'd think) running nonstop.
They're running nonstop because after our lovely few days of heavy, late-summer rain this week, our sump pump decided to stop working. Which promptly soaked our newly finished basement.
(hang head and sigh a little bit)
Thankully - nothing was ruined, and it was noticed early on. The carpet is mostly pulled up and is being dried out and will hopefully be laid back down in a day or two. It's just awfully sad to stand in your basement and see water squish up through the (brand-new and not inexpensive) carpet and between your toes.
Oh - and did I mention that the basement is where the Meredith's bedroom is? Welcome to our home, friend - you can move into our lovely finished basement and commence your year of student teaching - but you'd better put on your waders!!
So Meredith spent the night in the bunkbeds in our spare room upstairs, and probably will until the carpet is dry (please by Friday, please by Friday) because oh yeah - my mom, dad, sister and brother are coming into town for the weekend for Hazel's dedication at church on Sunday.
The funny thing... this house is really God's house, our money is His money, and the weather is at His command. I'm just not sure why God chose to flood His brand new beautiful basement!! :)
This week is turning out a little differently than I thought it would - but it will all sort out in the end.

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