Sunday, September 14, 2008

return to sender

Dear Rain,

You have been visiting us for approximately 76,391 hours.

The cute little “natural area” (aka mini-swamp) behind our home was officially named as the sixth Great Lake this afternoon. Thank you for lifting us out of obscurity.

I now no longer feel the need to visit Venice, Italy because I can walk out my own front door and sail away down the street in a gondola. If I had a gondola.

And while we missed you for pretty much the ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST and it’s uber-generous of you to make up for that now, I feel as though it’s time for us to take a break from all the visitation.

I swear, absence will make my heart grow fonder.



At least now I do know why God chose to break His sump pump this week, flooding His basement and causing us to spend His money on drying and cleaning His brand new carpeting… it’s so that He would have a shiny new UltraDuperFantabulousSumpPump in place for the torrential rains that came this weekend. We are very blessed to not have any real damage or dangerous flooding threatening our home.

A few memorable quotes from this weekend as we observed the rain:

“Remember when it wasn’t raining?”

“It’s pretty much like Noah.”

“I think I saw a shark in your backyard. Or a porpoise.”

All sogginess aside – we had a lovely weekend with my mom, dad and sister (sadly, water issues kept my big brother from being able to make the trip to Michigan) who came into town.

A game of Settlers/Seafarers was played (which, if you don’t know, is quite possibly one of the most fun games EVER), The Princess Bride was watched, delicious food was eaten… and we all came together as a family for Hazel’s dedication at church this morning (Mark’s mom, stepdad and sister were here for that too, which was awesome).

It’s been quite a week – awash with surprises and sprinkled with God-moments that keep the floodgates from bursting open.

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Phoenix Rising said...

that is too funny! i was wondering where the porpoise came from! :-) i'm glad you got your sump fixed prior to the big rain!!! there's always a reason why things happen!!

glad your weekend went swimmingly...(ok...sorry about the pun, i couldn't help it!)