Sunday, October 19, 2008

apples, apples, everywhere

I adore fall.
Crispy air, crunchy leaves, spicy smells, beautiful colors on the trees, pumpkins, apples, delicious baked goods, warm drinks... I could go on and on. And on.
But I'd rather enjoy the gorgeous day God's given us... so here's the short version:
Right now, my daughter is sleeping, my husband is reading on the couch, my dishwasher is happily scrubbing the tools I used to create a mess in my kitchen, the oven door is open (to flood the kitchen with toasty warm air as it cools down) and my counter is littered with the aftermath my productive afternoon (which would include apple-cinnamon muffins, glazed apple cookies and fresh applesauce... can you tell we had an abundance of apples in the house?)

Did I mention that I adore fall??

1 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Me too! I have a bag of Honey Crisps in my fridge right now calling my name (we went to the apple orchard yesterday!).

And can I just say that I wish I still lived in Lansing so I could come to your house and raid your cookie/muffin/applesauce stash?? I love all of that! And they look SO yummy!! :)