Thursday, October 23, 2008

bubble, bubble

There are all kinds of delicious, deep blog posts brewing away in my head right now.

Trouble is, I can't put words to any of them at the moment... not coherent words, at any rate.

And so, I resort to the fabulous Update in the Form of a List. Hold onto your hats.

1. Hazel officially has four teeth now. What a big girl!

2. Mark is off to PA this weekend, so Haze and I are off to my parents' house again - I'm not so geeked about the driving (I never know what to expect with her in the backseat for 4 hours...) but I'm pumped to get to hang with the fam again.

3. I'm reading some good books right now, and have some more on the way (via Swaptree, which I L*O*V*E)

4. I did one of my yoga/pilates DVDs this week and my buff, tough, mama-arms are sore. Let's just say that Baby Lugging Muscles do not equal Yoga/Pilates Muscles. It felt great, though.

5. I cannot believe October is almost over. What in the world.

6. Mark and I went on a date this week (gone about 2 hours total) and I think our baby cried pretty much the whole time. Fat chance we EVER LEAVE HER AGAIN. (I jest, of course we will - it just stinks to come home to a sad sad baby who missed her mama & daddy).

7. It's lovely and sunny outside. Again. I love it.

8. I won't be posting tomorrow, as we'll be trying to get an early start. I'll see what I can do about serving up some of those fabulous thoughts that are a'brewing. Edge of your seats, I know.

Have a great weekend!!

2 thoughts:

Julie said...

I can't believe that Oct is almost over either. That means Nov is almost here and then Dec! I know, you're amazed at my time keeping.

You know what it means when you're child misses you like that right? You need to go out again really soon!

Dilyn said...

katie b! call me any night of the week to babysit that beautiful girl. my credentials:
-took care of a sobbing 8mth old for 10 hours one day and LOVED it :)
-held two crying babies at one time last week while babysitting
-babysat 15 kids alone from 2-7 years old on a weekly basis (included making them all dinner)
-i have three younger siblings!

...but seriously. i would love to!