Wednesday, November 19, 2008

free stuff!

SimpleMom is one of my favorite blogs - and right now, she's hosting a giveaway for several different kinds of reusable grocery bags!

I love using my reusable bags, but I just bought the cheapy ones from the store I shop at most frequently - and *shock!* they actually don't hold up all that well. A couple of them are already tearing at the seams... but since they were only 99 cents each, I'm not too miffed. However, I wouldn't mind toting around a more durable (and slightly more attractive) set of bags that didn't loudly proclaim one particular store's name.

Anyway - make sure you amble on over and check out the giveaway - and the blog itself! Lots of great stuff!!

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Thanks Katie! I entered two of the three ways (I don't have a blog). I actually lost my produce reusable bags at Meijer last night and no one turned them in. :( So I am hoping to win some before I have to go buy more! I think I found them through one of your other blog posts though so I will be digging through your archives to look because I loved my bags!

Julie said...

Just don't make the mistake I did. I left a comment and checked 'yes' on the little box that said to inform me of any following comments. Yup, I've gotten about 200 from the site. I'm hoping the giveaway ends soon! It's jamming up my inbox!