Monday, November 17, 2008


Hazel's nine-month check-up was today. As always - Dr. says she looks great and is growing and developing "perfectly." (not sure what exactly that means, but I'll take it)

Overall, we really like our pediatrician. She's professional, knowledgable and friendly. However, I can't help but wonder, once in awhile, if having your own baby shouldn't be a prerequisite to being a pediatrician. (all obvious disciminatory flaws in that requirement aside) Or at least, should be a prerequisite to handing out certain kinds of input/judgment.

It's just hard to sit and take advice (and the occasional mildly sarcastic comment) from a doctor who has never nursed a baby. Never wrestled with sleep issues or incessant crying or teething... or any long list of other things.

I know she means well and I know she's an "expert." But every once in awhile, I find it hard to swallow the well-meaning advice of someone who's never actually been in my shoes, and only sees me & my daughter for a few minutes once every few months.

But then again - I HAVE had a baby, and I don't know that I'd be any more helpful to a new mama who is wrestling with all the toughness that comes with the job. We never can totally be in someone else's shoes. I guess no one's perfect.

Except Hazel, apparently.

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Courtney said...

Yeah, we disliked our first social worker for the same reason. It's awfully hard to take parenting advice (that goes completely against your moral values and beliefs) from someone who has never been married and never had a child. We got a new social worker when we did our update before we adopted the boys. We are MUCH happier with her. :)

his wife, their mama said...

I agree, it is hard to take well meaning parenting advice from someone who isn't even a parent; not any amount of schooling, reading text books, anything, can prepare you for the real thing. Like the time I was accused of starving my child when in all acutality, I couldn't produce enough breast milk (I've NEVER seen her again). Remember- you know your daughter better than anyone, and you know what works best for your family. I doubt there are many, if any, parents that have all the answers, so remember to never doubt yourself. We all go through so many different things with all of our children, but remembering the best thing we can do for them is to pray with/for/over them and to raise them according to how our Father asks and expects of us. He'll see us through it all!

Jamie Wetzel said...

What you're saying totally makes sense to me! I, me being me, would probably switch doctors. Although, my favorite baby delivery doctor was a newlywed man. huh... no consistency here.

Julie said...

MAN! That last comment was in no way from my husband!