Wednesday, December 17, 2008

popsicle toes

Last winter, I was roughly 7 months pregnant right now... carrying, um, a FEW extra pounds, and living inside a body that had twice its normal amount of blood pumping, what with keeping an extra human alive inside me and all. Suffice it to say that last winter - I was WARM. Always. I'd come home and bump the thermostat UP to a whopping 61 degrees... until right before hubby came home and then I'd graciously give him 64 (maybe 65) degrees. He was pretty chilly. I was sweating.

This year... I have popsicle toes. And fingers. And ears, nose, arms, legs... you name it. I'm CHILLY!!! And no - the thermostat is no longer set at 61 or 64 or even 65.

However - I still WANT to crank it up to 75 or so. Except for the fact that my gas bill would give me a heart attack... then I want to be good and green and energy-conserving and just bundle me and the BabyNut up nice and warm... but it's HARD to nurse a hungry baby when you're wearing umpteen bulky layers of clothing.

Yes, today - this is the drama of my life. I'm whiny about being cold. *sigh*

I'm going to go make some hot cocoa and find contentment in our warm house and all the abundant provisions God has seen fit to heap upon us this season. Perhaps a little gladsome thankfulness will warm up my frigid fingers.

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