Monday, December 22, 2008


I love Christmas. Always have.

I love Christmas carols and twinkly lights and roaring fires and snuggling under blankets and snowflakes and church on Christmas Eve... I love the joy and wonder and togetherness that threads its way into our lives for a few weeks every winter.

This year, I've had a hard time feeling like it's Christmastime - which was pestering me for awhile... until I realized what a silly and frivolous concern that was. I didn't feel Christmasy because my "previous life" always involved some sort of buildup and hiatus around Christmastime - finals, the end of school, time off work, vacations, etc.

This year - the day-to-day reality of my life doesn't change as Christmas draws closer - and I've been letting that make me feel un-Christmasy.


I have lots of thoughts and musings and ruminations and such floating and bouncing around my brain right now, but I'm going to give myself over, for the next few days, to focusing on what feeling Christmasy really means. On why I truly love this season, and what the arrival of our Savior in the form of a tiny baby means to me.

Merry Christmas!

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his wife, their mama said...

A post I really needed to read. Thanks for sharing Katie!