Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello 2009!

If anyone is still out there, habitually checking my lonely little blog - hello!!!

The holidays were a whirlwind - snow & ice, family, traveling, cups of hot cocoa, flood in the basement, building gingerbread "structures," hubby on vacation, hives on the baby, presents, sparkly lights, some crowded crazy moments and some quiet, peaceful ones.

I rang in 2009 by putting my baby to sleep and promptly following - I stayed up until a whopping 10:30pm. This mama is one tired cookie these days.

But life is adjusting back to its normal patterns - the Christmas decorations have been put away and the house is in its standard state of mild disarray. Ah, familiarity.

At any rate - I'm hoping to be back to my regularly scheduled programming, leaving wonderful tidbits of deep and delightful thoughts for you to ponder every couple of days.

How were your holidays??

4 thoughts:

Chris said...

I'm still here! It was great seeing you on that crazy New Year's Eve

Kaycee said...

I'm still here too! Your holidays sound like they were a bit crazy - and I'm with ya there! I need more info about the hives on the baby though! How's Hazel?? I hope she's okay.

Phoenix Rising said...

me too. What happened to the nut? Hives are no fun. And a basement flood? Again? What's up with that? We just returned from a whirlwind of travels. It's good to be home. But our holidays were wonderful. Big news for us. Asher's been on oatmeal since Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to introduce him to sweet potatoes. and the coolest news, last night he slept from 7-12 and 12:15-5:00 then 5:15-8! It was soooo nice!

Anyway, Asher and I miss our friends. We should get together soon!

Meredith said...

Apparently crazy things happen when I leave...good thing I'll be back soon. I'm curious as well about the Hazel hives. Can't wait to be back with you all! See you Sunday.