Thursday, January 15, 2009

mama blessings

My daughter is asleep for the second time today. Two Whole Naps.

The sun is shining in my front window - and if I close my eyes, I can pretend it's not nine degrees outside and just bask in warm toasty sunlight.

I got to catch up with a dear friend today - she has a precious baby boy, Noah, who is just over a month old - it was so good to chat with her and hear about her life (for an hour!!). The joy in her voice is so evident - it was a wonderful reminder of how delightful mamahood really can be when you sit back and soak in it.

I had another fun phone conversation with a friend - unfortunately, she was having a rough day with her little guy (nothing a few brownies shouldn't be able to fix...) but it was also so reassuring that when one friend has a rough day, another has a good one - and you can buoy each other up while still totally being able to empathize. Just the other day things were flip-flopped. I like that we can call, chat for a few minute, laugh, and that I feel better when I hang up the phone. Thanks, Kim.

I had a great lunch out (with Hazel) with my friend Shannon - sharing mommy moments and work woes and laughing together. It was great to get out of the house, into the icy frozen tundra wasteland of mid-Michigan and eat a good meal with a great friend.

My husband is playing tennis with a friend right now - so he's about as happy of a clam as he could possibly be... and that makes me happy too.

I detoxed all my diapers yesterday (they were starting to having a lingering funkadelic smell even though I knew they were clean) - and now they are sparkly and fresh and begging to be used.

I got to shower and have some quiet Bible time this morning BEFORE Hazel woke up - that is virtually unprecedented... and it made my day. Starting off the day listening to the Lord, quietly soaking Him up... I could tell that it filled my cup that much more - so that all these other wonderful, unexpected blessings that have been brightening my day... they are making my cup overflow.

It's a good day to be me.

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