Wednesday, January 21, 2009

up to my eyeballs

Sounds dramatic, right?
Really, the only thing I'm up to my eyeballs in right now is laundry. Heaping, growing, mounding, regenerating piles of laundry of every sort. Colors, darks, whites, washed, unwashed, folded, unfolded, towels, baby clothes... It's encroaching on my space and creeping across the floor.
Good thing I'm not prone to over-dramatizing.
In real news...

Today I enjoyed simple company of a good friend and her little guy, and the sweet companionship of my little lady. Sparkly smiles, bubbly belly laughs, and sweetly kissable cheeks made the insurmountable peaks of laundry less intimidating. Or at least, less important.

My sweet, kissable baby scratched my actual eyeball today - so I look like some kind of scary sea-monster with one all-seeing, bulging red eye and one normal, mascara-ed blue eye.

I am typing this post on my new, shiny green laptop... it's speedy and light and refurbished (meaning cheaper and recycled!) and I love it. My old computer was... well, old. 5 years, I think - which is pretty much Social Security age in computer-years.

Tomorrow we'll head to the grocery store... we were supposed to do that Tuesday. Sometimes things slip down the list. Whatever. No one here is starving. Yet.

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Julie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun stuff going on in your life right now!

Geesh, that sounded sarcastic. Totally didn't mean for it to sound like that. I am truly happy for you and the little joys in life :)