Friday, March 13, 2009

a day for the books

Yesterday... Thursday, March 12, 2009... Hazel figured out walking.

She's been taking one step and falling, one step and stopping to sit down, one step and falling again... for awhile now. She was having more fun being caught by her mama and daddy when she fell over than she was having learning to walk.

But yesterday she actually put together 8 or so steps and did not crash... she just stopped and stood there.

And I just have to say - baby walking is just about the cutest possible thing in the world. Her shoulders tense up with the effort, her feet lift high in the air and stomp back down again... and I had one of my first true I'm Such A Proud Mama experiences. She had to work to learn how to do this, and she had to try over and over again, and try hard.

Way to go, baby girl.

7 thoughts:

Julie said...

Aaawwww.... that's super cute and so exciting! I too am a sucker for a cute little chubby thing learning how to walk. Especially if they're just in their diaper. Love that!

Phoenix Rising said...

Woot Woot Hazel!!! You'll have to teach Asher your tricks!

lauren michelle said...

this is unbelievably exciting!

candy said...

hello old friend. :D

i followed the link from your facebook page (doing some e-stalking, i am :D ) and have enjoyed the bit of your blog i've had a chance to browse. i'd like to add you to my list of 'blogs i follow' if you don't mind.

and you're right; baby-walking is about the cutest thing ever!

candy said...

LOL i probably should've mentioned who i was, first.

candy (sanders) from b'brook.

Katie said...

Candy - I don't mind in the slightest (and once you mentioned Facebook, I figured it was you) :)
I just can't get enough of the baby walking - especially when she's all stripped down before bathtime - so darn cute!!

Kaycee said...

Go Hazel!!!

And I love the wobbly little toddles and the super happy look when they get where they want to be! Nothing sweeter. :)