Monday, March 16, 2009


Today was calm. Normal. I washed, dried & put away dishes... washed, dried & folded laundry (haven't put it away yet)... changed diapers, went for walks (yup, that's plural!), made meals, answered emails, wiped counters, wiped tears, chatted with neighbors, cleaned the living room fifteen or so times...

Ordinary. Regular. Usual.

And so very full. Every moment, every corner of my day, was FULL. Full of life and full of emotion and full of wonder and love and REALness.

God has put a sincere appreciation and quiet in my heart today - there are so many things about which I can (and do) choose to feel discontent. Silly things. Temporary distractions, faux essentials, misguided ideals.

Today, my heart recognized the abundance of true gifts in my life - and I chose to savor those above working myself up over the tiny "injustices" that sprinkle themselves throughout my days.

I have a warm house in a safe neighborhood. I am blessed beyond blessed to share my life with a man I find simultaneously hilarious, inspiring, and studly. I have a beautiful daughter who makes me laugh every single day. There is another precious little life growing inside me right now, and I get to feel it kick and wiggle and grow.

My list could go on and on... but I want to get back to savoring. Basking in the ordinary, soaking up the norm.

So full.

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Chantel said...

Katie, I think that it is the best feeling in the world a baby kicking inside of you, it is so amazing everytime. I thought because this was my second it in some way not be as "cool" but it is just as amazing.