Wednesday, May 06, 2009

all we need is a really old map

What do you call the person who doesn't HUNT for treasure - but hides it from everyone else?

Hazel likes putting things into other things. Sometimes this involves putting things away - mostly not.

For example:

One of her cloth wipes (which she removed from the diaper bag and travel case) is inside her coffee pot, inside her sink in her play kitchen.

An orange ball in Mama's shoe.

And (in case my photographic skills don't allow you to determine this): My cell phone, my car keys and a clothespin, all inside a box of crackers. Seconds later, she also put the remote control in there - but alas, the box could not handle such treasure and tipped over.

I imagine there are many conversations in my future that start with, "Hazel, have you seen Mama's fill-in-the-blank?"

2 thoughts:

Chris said...

Haha that's hilarious! Your story just brightened my day. That's why I'm glad I read your blog.

Julie said...

blahahahaha :)