Monday, May 11, 2009

gotta have a motto

Today, the motto was Colossians 3:23.

And let me tell you something, ma'am... it WORKED. Always such a shocker when we start our days off focused on God and it pays off, huh?

I decided during my God-Time this morning that I was going to treat all of my tasks today as if they were being done directly for the Lord (and they are - it just doesn't SEEM that way to me all the time).

Laundry for the Lord.

Dishes for the Lord.

Dirty Diapers for the Lord.

As glamorous as it sounds - it really helped my attitude and my day - Hazel and I had fun together, I got TONS done around the house (baked muffins, cleaned out my closet, listed some things on EBay for the first time, folded laundry, did dishes, made dinner...) and was able to have a fun lunch out with friends AND make a trip to the grocery store. And the Nut even got 2 good naps in. Looking at the list, I'm not sure how it all got done in the space of one day...

But reminding myself that I am working for Jesus was the perfect heads-up for me today.

Oh - and to answer a couple of questions from my post a few days ago:

I am reading The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. LOVE IT.
Slow-cooker granola is MY KIND of granola - I will post the recipe once I have tweaked it to my liking... it's still in the works.
No, please don't say "BabyMon" with a Jamaican accent... at least not to me. :) Like I said, unless it's said with an overdone French accent, it's just plain silly.

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Julie said...

Really? You're vetoing the Jamaican accent? Just for that I shall say BabyMon as Jamaican as I can until the little pea pod emerges. :)