Sunday, May 10, 2009

a note from mama on mother's day

To my little Hazelnut:

I still don't remember that Mother's Day applies to me. It takes me by sweet surprise when I receive a card, or flowers, or a "Happy Mother's Day!" from a friend.

"Oh yes, I am a mother!!"

But really, it's only something that I "forget" in the way that I "forget" my hair is brown, or that I have really weirdly long arms, or that I am a woman. It's something that is so intrinsic that I don't separate it out from me.

On February 15, 2008 - my soul changed. My identity was irrevocably altered when I first beheld your little red face, first heard a beautiful cry fill the room, first felt your warm, wet little body on mine.

"Mama" is written on my heart, forever. Whatever the Lord has in store for me or for you or for any of the other children your Daddy and I hope & pray to be blessed with - "Mama" is ingrained in me eternally.

What a true and unquestionable blessing... to become a woman who is also a Mama.

And so, sweet one, I thank you on this Mother's Day - for the gift and privilege of being your Mama.

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