Wednesday, May 20, 2009

quickie update

I'm officially a third-trimester gal now... almost 28 weeks down. BabyMon likes to kick and wiggle a lot, and I'm often entertained by simply watching the antics in my belly. (Last night, after drinking a LITER of water in an hour or so, I was not as entertained by BabyMon's ninja kicks to my bladder). I think I've gained about 19 pounds so far (WAY less than I had gained at this point with Hazel) and pretty much look like I've shoved a basketball under my shirt.

We had an appointment last week at U of M to check on the kidney situation... and we didn't actually get the news we were hoping for (which was that everything had healed itself up and was growing normally now... there was a chance of that happening, so I was a wee bit bummed).

Turns out, BabyMon's right kidney has a little more fluid backed up (which makes sense, as 7 weeks had passed since the last time we took a look) and that the kidney was starting to show signs of being damaged (this was the really bummer news - last time the kidney appeared fine, just backed up). Good news is that left kidney appears to be PERFECT, and my amniotic fluid level is PERFECT - which basically means that BabyMon has normal kidney FUNCTION - just not normal kidneys.

We won't know until BabyMon is born how extensive the damage to the right kidney is, and what it will take to fix it. We're praying hard for minimal damage, and a quick fix with antibiotics and a procedure to open up the blockage. If the kidney is too damaged to salvage function, it's likely that it will have to be removed... a process I just don't really want to contemplate at all in terms of my tiny bebe.

If I didn't know there was trouble with BabyMon's kidneys, I would think that I was growing a completely healthy, very active wee one in my belly... and most days, I just enjoy that feeling, and know that feeling so very normal is a very good sign. God is good, all the time, and His plan will work itself out.

In the meantime, I continue to lift up this little one's health and growth, and pray that we will be blessed with many, many years of knowing our precious second child.

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Kaycee said...

So sorry to hear the news about BabyMon was not what we all were hoping for. I am so glad that at least the kidneys are showing normal function. You and your family will remain in my prayers.