Thursday, May 21, 2009

a first time for everything

Yesterday was our first 80+ degree day... we grilled brats, ate watermelon, took a walk, and generally enjoy the summeryness of it all.

This morning on my walk with Hazel, I got my first flip-flop blister of the summer... right in between my big toe and my not-bigger-but-longer toe. Darn you $2.50 shoes from Old Navy. (Just kidding - I love my cheapo flip flops... but they're probably not the best walking shoe...)

Also yesterday... I went in to get Hazel from her morning nap and was greeted by a very cute baby, sitting bare-bummed in her crib, holding her diaper up to me. (Yup, it was a velcro one - I love velcro diapers for the convenience and speed - but snap diapers last longer and are MUCH harder for a baby to remove... going to be trying to switch over to snaps eventually...) It was just a wet diaper, praise the Lord - but she's getting awfully sneaky and coordinated!

Another first... Hazel's first (and I'd love it to be the only, but that's probably not likely) tumble down the stairs. Our house is split level (praise the Lord AGAIN) so there's only ever 7 stairs at a time... but she stilled rolled down them all and landed with a clunk at the bottom. She was all of 12 inches ahead of me in the process, and I just couldn't grab her. (Pregnant mama tumbling down the stairs after/on top of toddler is probably not a good thing either). She's fine, a very small red bump on her forehead and some tears - but Mama's life is now at least a year shorter.

Yup, we're just racking up the firsts around here these days... and quite honestly, I'd be ok to slow down for a bit!!

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lauren said...

sweet summertime :]

brats are so yummy. so is ketchup!

I feel like Hazel's spill down the stairs would make a great club talk. Oh wait...we dont give those anymore. I FORGET!

miss you love.